A decade later some things look the same
while brambles’ insidious creeping weaves
new textures each year. Old pathways are gone.
So stand still, here. This is Pescadero.

Iambic pentameter in Pescadero.

Just as the landscape above is incomplete, with it’s hops and skips in eye-tracking / compositional movement, and dark, ambiguous shapes; so is this, my very first post. It’s appropriate to start the newly released foggstudio | blog site this way since the work itself is a process constantly evolving and just a short rest along the way. Sometimes I strive for a complete, balanced design and sometimes it’s not important at all. My goal has always been to engage and challenge rather than to merely decorate. Mr. Carlton, my high school Art Teacher and the first teacher / mentor who was pivotal in my decision to pursue a career in Art used to say “However subtle, as an artist you need to inflict pain so your viewers will notice, learn and remember … “.

So it is with the above image of Pescadero Creek Overgrowth and Farm. There are many areas to find your way out of and many incomplete lines which require active viewing and some effort. Introducing a tangent or choosing not to burn certain areas in is a conscious decision. I do not hear dissonance or diminished tones in Pescadero but I do experience a kind of gestalt that’s not always comfortable. The resolution is always changing with each new performance / visit, just as the inner movement, the voice leading, in a great piece of Jazz or rich symphony sometimes sneak up on you; and, then leaves you with yet another Ah Ha moment along with even more changes to try and figure out.

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