“High Plains Black Sea Coral”. Sunset at Evelyn Lake, Cathedral Range, Yosemite 10328 ft. My second pilgrimage in a month to this holy place.

Facing West as the sun sets over The Cathedral Range, on a quiet, very cold evening, Yosemite National Park.

I came right back, as fast as I could. There are so many amazing images taking their time here, waiting. It’s humbling. They’re not going anywhere. Patience and forgiveness are lessons the mountains have to offer if we choose to listen. Time opens up, there’s no rush to collect, comment, tag and post. Be patient, wait for the light and enjoy the moment. These magestic alters will be here long after I’m gone. Forgiving one’s self for all the folly and time wasted in busy city life is another lesson that comes flooding in. The lack of emotional clutter opens up space for play, exploration and fun. I was checking out some erratics, rocks left by glaciers eons ago, now eroding in the high altitude, sometimes brutal weather up here, and I turned around to see this spectacular coral like sea fan tree as it exactly blocked the sun. So here we are. It’s great feeling like a child, seeing with unbiased eyes.

My visit in late July, just a few weeks ago, was a wake up call. The middle portion of my life has been busy, yet a little off course. I spent so much time here in a more carefree period in my life; a time when

I was made of rubber bands and spring steel. I’d forgotten what true quiet is, what true calm and open space feels like. When it takes days of pretty difficult hiking to arrive at a place with no “services”, where weather can change in an instant and there’s no quick or safe way to shelter, I guess that keeps the through traffic down. So for most of the time there’s not another soul for miles and miles. On some days hikers taking a shortcut from the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, many miles to the south, travel through, but they rarely stop. There’s a famous destination just a few miles to the west, Vogelsang. So I like staying here, in the wind shadow of high altitude bonsai like trees, on rocky ground, exposed to the heavens.

I’ll be back again soon and continue to honor this Earth and Sky boundary. Please stay tuned because I’ll also be posting an entire gallery of images from this, most recent trip. Thanks for checking out my work! To see more, visit The Work.
Thanks, Have Fun!