Elise Go and Will Randolph V goofing off in the Studio

:: More Studio fun. Elise and Will produce enough energy to rock any size house ::

Elise and Will are the two lead singers for The St. Valentinez. They’re talented, well educated and have paid lots of dues, done the hard work and know the medium well. They also have awesome chemistry on stage. Often times it’s not WHEN you choose to sing or play but when you choose NOT to step in. They “dance” both figuratively and musically so there’s a healthy conversation between themselves and their band members that results in great entertainment with zero boredom for the audience.
This kind of solid musical wisdom has deep roots in the best of Jazz and they’re applying it to their Funk / Soul / R&B band. When they were in my studio for this shoot they sang, danced and gave an amazing private performance that was 100% impromptu. My goal is to share that. I hope some of that fun vibe stayed in here for me to tap into when I’m stuck. Just re visiting their images works pretty well and brings it right back.