:: Video Still Frame Grabs from Simone’s and The St. Valentinez’s Recent Studio Sessions ::


The image above is a “screen grab” close up, from video I shot of Nathan Chan playing the cello on “Eternal”. I’m editing the video now. Stay tuned!

I’ve been watching musicians listen intensely for decades, and in those fleeting moments I glimpse into what sages have called Nirvana, Heaven, Bliss and any number of ecstatic states. Maybe it’s because of my ever-shifting focus between the visual and musical arts that it makes perfect sense, and feels like home. For some it’s entertainment, I go places! I’m always grateful for the shared fun, whether on stage, in rehearsal or in the studio. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ray Obiedo and both Simone and The St. Valentinez on two separate video projects. What a gas!

Francesca Simone and The St. Valentinez have been on a roll lately.

They’re recording new songs, writing their own original compositions and lyrics for upcoming CDs. They’re also playing live gigs and going to school, full time, studying at the most prestigious music colleges in the country. Ray Obiedo is producing both Simone and The St. Valentinez. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone reveal their inner focus as consistently as Ray. You can see it! He has a gift for accurately hearing, everything; and with an attention to detail that everyone acknowledges. One of my goals, while videotaping Ray with Simone and The St. Valentinez, has been to reveal both the intensity of Ray’s involvement in and commitment to his Art while simultaneously showing how much Ray loves and gets lost in the music.

There are 118 screen grabs in this gallery, it takes 3 pages (page numbers at bottom of this page). Hint > load the first one and then use the arrow keys to move forwards and backwards while viewing ’em larger, have fun! Don’t forget to imagine these images 1) moving and 2) with sound!!! Yeah!!! These are all as the video camera saw ’em / how I framed ’em so cropped “in camera” (no post).

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