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Don Fogg / The foggstudio specializes in creating thoughtful, eloquent and evocative art for advertising, marketing & PR, educational and public service campaigns.

The Arts have always fed each other, throughout history; and what I like to call cross pollinate each other. An understanding of this essential tenet of how artists live and thrive is also central to my own process as an artist. I approach each and every project in a unique way, drawing upon an extremely deep and diverse set of skills, so each project is something new and something created from scratch. What’s this all mean? It means I don’t “have a style” per se. I have a way of organizing concepts, space, sound or silence, words and images into sequences that resonate a certain, appropriate, way. It means my way of story telling is specific to the story and not a formula. I like to work with images, sounds & music, and words. I draw inspiration and strength from all the art forms I’ve studied over the years.

I’m back from a long sabbatical and am once again fully immersed in my business, craft and life’s passions. Note they’re all the same, by design!

Most of the images in the “Current” area of this site are from a recent photographic gig. The campaign they’re part of is just hitting the streets now. So my long hiatus is over!

The past few years have been exciting and busy. I’ve just finished designing and building a new photo studio / music & recording live room and production / control room all under one very new roof, from the ground up. Give me a call and stop by. I make (and always have) a mean espresso and have lots of great music to enjoy, books to read and movies to watch. Or you can just sit in the yard and enjoy a quiet day while we work. If you can’t come by don’t fret. It’s designed so I can collaborate and create seamlessly with all my clients, virtually, in real time. It’s designed with today’s budgets and work styles in mind. Oh yeah, so where did I go? I’ve just completed three plus exciting years at Berklee College of Music. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, hands down.

Most folks know me as an artist, photographer, graphic designer and Dad. Some of my recent friends only know me as a musician. I’m still “all of the above”, the same old me. Since childhood, I’ve been a student of music, music history, composition and performance. So, I finally took the time to study theory (all over again) from a great school along with harmony, composition, lyric writing and performance from the best; not only because I love it, but because it fits naturally into my lifelong passion for story telling. It’s another critical piece of the puzzle. Everything worthwhile takes time and effort. Now the really hard work begins :: Creating new projects which will include this expanded skill set.

The interaction between Film Score / audio and Image, or Montage as it’s usually called, has always fascinated and consumed me. Now my work in motion graphics and video can all be produced right here; and, I’m even more excited because the knowledge and skills learned at Berklee can be added into the mix. My current work is testimony to the age old adage that the arts reinforce one another. Once again, cross pollination.

So please call, email or message me to see more samples of my work. I can quickly create a custom tailored, small .pdf book you can share with your clients if you like. I’ve got an enormous portfolio reflecting decades of award winning advertising and corporate campaigns. I’ll respond immediately and will send whatever samples you might need to start the conversation. I prefer meeting face to face so if you’re anywhere close to the San Francisco Bay Area let’s give that a try. If you’re not close then meeting, and working, virtually is something I’m very used to and comfortable with. That is more and more the norm. I love my work, which continues to be my life’s passion, and I especially love collaborating with like minds to make this world more exciting, healthy, safe and something we can leave better than we found it.

Thanks for checking out my work!

– don

Here’s a recent résumé. It’s a large file, for printing :: don fogg | printable .pdf résumé 2.5 megs
Here’s the same résumé. It’s a lot smaller file (so kinda bitmapped), for web :: don fogg | web .pdf résumé 310 k