I’m “stoked” as we say in surfer lingo!

The foggstudio / don fogg photography, is no longer actively pursuing assignments. And, this site will soon come down. The name is changing and I’ll post only my Artwork … fun!

After four decades of professional studio and location photography, web design and development, filmmaking and design, I’ve decided to spend the rest of my days working on personal projects, while also working to leave this world better than I found it. It’s always been a privilege, and fun, to work for social justice in order to help individuals, our society, culture and humanity, so those efforts will continue.

Art is universal, and like Music, touches the soul. There’s much healing to be done in our nation and world. We need to be closer together, not further apart. So if you have a great cause that needs my vision and energy, look me up and get in contact. And, especially if you’re an Artist or Musician, a non profit / pro bono entity helping less fortunate souls survive in the current hostile climate, definitely get in touch! That shouldn’t be too hard. Chances are we have many friends in common. I’ve taken down all contact information on this site, removed SEO code etc., to help preserve my anonymity and cut down on all the hacks.

I bring a vast wealth of formal training, experience, wisdom, insight and exuberance to my work; which is also my passion. I’m one of the ones who got lucky and found my life’s calling early.

I studied Fine Art, Design, Art History, Filmmaking, Music (three and a half years full time Theory, Composition and Performance) and enough other subjects to have a few extra degrees. I earned degrees in Fine Art and Art History [and almost Chemistry, one class short, but I made up for it with many others in advanced study like toxicity, pre med Organic Chemistry etc.]. That diversity adds flavor and dimension to my work since for me, it’s all the same. All of The Arts, The Sciences and Literature serve to reinforce each other, and I draw upon them all when solving problems. I transitioned into the Photographic Arts through drawing, painting, design and later the story telling aspects of filmmaking. When I create images I hear music and visa versa. When I read or write I hear and see clearly in my mind’s eye. All of this exuberance is now feeding back into the system which nurtured me in hopes that the next generations will have as much success and fun as I have had! I hope we can collaborate and, together, make a difference.

Thanks for checking out my work!

– don