I made this page to get all the social networking icons off the home page and out of the footer. They’re all here, in the sidebar to the right, safely tucked away where everyone can find them with just one extra click. Hah, we’ll see if that’s too much or not! There’s also a “Share don’s work ::” at the bottom of each page with links nicely hidden away.

Speaking of sharing ::

I truly enjoy sharing my passion with like minded creative folks who might want to work with me; but, I’m also making every effort to protect my intellectual property from being stolen.

Every image on this site is 1) visually watermarked with a copyright notice, 2) has digital information regarding contact and ownership / copyright embedded in meta data and also has 3) a Digimarc watermark embedded into each and every pixel; so each image is tracked by Digimarc Corporation regularly as part of the service I’ve contracted with them to provide; and lastly 4) the images on my site are all registered with the US Copyright Office. If any image is used without my express written permission it will be located and any copyright violator will be contacted. Even screen grabs are trackable by the Digimarc digital Watermarking service.

I’ve been working with great clients, art directors and designers for decades and know you need high quality images for comps, to show your clients etc., so just call or shoot me an email and let me know you’re thinking of using an image. It’s the right thing to do. Most of the images are created fairly large so they’ll work well in comps.

Trust is everything in our business.


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