Video ::

Filmmaking was what started everything off for me. It’s what lit me up inside and kicked off my career in still photography, sort of by accident.

Story telling with narrative, images and audio has been a lifelong passion so I’m thrilled with the new developments in DSLR Video technology. I tried my hand at both documentary and Hollywood (small time DP) but back then they weren’t a good fit for my artist soul. Now we can all follow our dreams!

Now, Video is hip and everyone is getting into the action. I’ll be posting samples here that are shot on film, on tape and finally direct digital capture. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some great directors in my early days and to have met some wonderful, trusting clients as my career unfolded so I have some really fun work to share and show around. After the site’s up and running I’ll start work on a sample reel and start posting short clips here. (right now they’re a loose collection in a ton of folders … I need a clone!

Check out these Still Frame Grabs from video I shot for the “Battle Hymns” performance

These are single frames grabbed from lots and lots of video footage. You can see my same compositional style, sense of framing and forced focus at work. (Hint :: this is where I learned those techniques, back when I shot super-16 film. Now it’s digital.)

I’m editing this footage now, here are the Video Still Frame Grabs

Both of these video shoots took place over the past few weeks at several, local, Bay Area recording studios. The finished videos will be a documentary style piece showcasing Francesca Simone’s new cover of Lady Gaga’s “Applause” and a short, artsy teaser promoting The St. Valentinez new composition “Eternal”.