Here’s a smattering of my work, enjoy!

I bring a vast wealth of experience, formal training, insight and exuberance to my work; which is also my passion. I’m one of the ones who got lucky and found my life’s calling early. It’s a little bit diverse but that makes it all the more flavorful while not watering down any intense focus one bit. All of The Arts serve to reinforce each other. The sum of the whole is more powerful than each solitary part. So this section, The Work, is representative of my lifelong passion for The Arts and also my intense curiosity.
Now that my new studio is finally constructed, after years in the making, I’m focused on what’s lit me up since I was a kid. I love creating imagery, telling stories and starting from scratch … ending up with something new and unexpected. My hope is you’ll see that in each of the works I choose to share and in each individual campaign I’ve been an integral part of. I always push it so our audience is guaranteed to pause. That’s communication.



Current Work


People & Portraits

Still Life etc.

Case Study, Women of Guatemala
Past Campaigns

Multiple Cameras

Women of Guatemala Case Study

Fun Old Tear Sheets

Other Cultures