– Case Study One – | Women of Guatemala Public Awareness Campaign


This Case Study is an excerpt from a Graphic Design course I recently taught. The purpose of the case study is to: 1) describe how I arrived at the specific, chosen solution; and 2) show, step by step for the students, how I applied the design process to implement / create the solution.

I’m including this case study / these lecture notes here, in the foggstudio site, because not only do I really like the work, the process and the result; but, I’m also very proud to be able to help and give back to others as I did in this campaign. I tried to share this attitude with my students because it’s simply the right thing to do. I believe it’s just one way I can help make this world a little better. I also thought perhaps some of my current photographic clients might enjoy reading more about how I approach problem solving as it applies to messaging and systems as well as imagery.

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– Case Study Two – | Giant Stainless Steel Tank photographed on location for Pacific Ozone


This case study is meant to illustrate what’s possible on location even when the “hero” is a 12 foot tall, enormous and heavy stainless steel water purification system weighing tons.

At first glance this image is no big deal. Hah! That tank “sees” everything around it on all sides so even thought it’s not sexy, like a sports car for example, it’s difficult to photograph well. It’s easy to do it wrong but takes planning and extra effort to do it right.

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