don's Jazz fun

Hi all,

Click the video frame grab above to play the music / video.

I’ll put lots more music up here as time goes by; but, this will get us started.

A while back I sent one of my super short exercises / drill and practices to a great friend of mine, Joe Gibbs, so he could hear what I was up to. I had just purchased an old Gibson hollowbody and loved it’s tone. He immediately sent back the video above with my music as a sound track … how cool is that!!! It turns out he was calibrating a new camera for shooting right after dark and was in a hotel room in Chicago so he had this footage from his hotel room right there. So that’s why it’s called “Navy Pier”.

The exercise is a 16 bar improv built on the 5th of a given minor 7th chord using that scale. Usually the minor 7th pentatonic scale is used in Blues but when played 5 steps up like this it has a really neat sound. (So it’s C min 7 with G min 7 played over it then switching to F min 7 with C min 7 played over it … super simple). It’s not earth shattering but I liked how it turned out and Joe’s video made it extra cool.